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Dear Entrepreneur:

Even in this tough economy, you can raise money for a strong business idea if you know how. And right now, there is probably more capital waiting for a great opportunity than ever before.

We can help you find the cash you need with our new Venture Capital Secrets online e-course, a structured, step-by-step course conducted online by a seasoned venture capitalist!

Regardless of market conditions, there is still VENTURE CAPITAL and ANGEL money available (on October 1, 2002 over $150 million was released by VC's)! You just have to know where to look, understand what investors are willing to invest in, and provide the documentation they need in order to make decisions.

For the first time, William F. McCready, Founder and CEO of Venture Planning Associates, Inc., is offering an online course to accelerate the learning process for entrepreneurs looking for funding, whether it's for seed and startup capital, business expansion or refinancing.

Plus, each student will receive a one-year subscription to a Venture Capital Database with all contact information including email address valued at $195.

We guarantee that if you take this course and follow the guidelines outlined in these nine modules, you will create everything you need: your business plan, marketing plan, financing plan and road show, and you will increase your chances of obtaining funding for your venture by 100%!


  • Eight-week e-course, beginning anytime is conducted by email, with a one-hour weekly phone consultation. Limited to 20 people.
  • Personal Mentoring to follow the step-by-step process business plan, marketing plan, financing plan and road show (VC presentations).
  • Course materials developed by Venture Planning Associates, Inc., and used in MBA classes in selected universities around the world.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Entrepreneurs who are serious about obtaining funding for their ventures.
  • Finance professionals (CPAs) and consultants who want to be able to help their clients who are entrepreneurs.
  • Corporate executives with large corporations who would like to become entrepreneurs, and want to accelerate the learning process.

What we are offering you today is a way to have a 100% increase in your ability to be funded and an advantage over thousands of other entrepreneurs trying to raise funds!

Three Guarantees

  1. Guarantee #1: After this course you will know the secrets to raising money for any venture. The principles are timeless and invaluable; many of the things covered in this class took years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn.
  2. Guarantee #2: You will work hard to complete the course, but we will be with you at every step with advice and support. You will have a weekly one-hour phone consultation as well as e-mail reviews of all the steps in the process.
  3. Guarantee #3: This course is not theory, laced with MBA "techno speak, gobbledygook or mumbo jumbo" from people who have never owned a business or made payroll. The course covers what works and you will learn why it works from Street Smart Entrepreneurs who have been on both the upside and downside of business financial cycles.

About Us

We have been in the private funding and venture capital business for more than 12 years. We were founding directors of the Hawaii Venture Capital Association, a General Partner in the Hawaii Venture Fund, and raised millions of dollars for our clients. In addition, we have served as CEO, COO and CFO of many of the companies we have invested in.


The Course will be eight weeks long and will consist of the following:

1. A pre-business plan venture planning session.
You will get step-by-step instructions on how to decide on a business and revenue model, pick the optimum business structure, and assemble your management team to focus on funding. We start from the end result you are seeking and work backward down the timeline to develop a step-by-step plan to implement a profitable strategy.

2. Developing your business plan for funding sources.
Here we have a 20 page check list on all the questions we have ever seen asked or covered in the many funding projects we have undertaken. All the work done in the first week will now be assembled into all the various venture capital documentation you will need to fully realize the funding of your business.

3. 28 Alternative methods to fund your business.
Only a very few companies are candidates for true venture capital funding! We will cover 28 additional methods for raising funds as well as strategies to approach and close these sources, when to use them, how to minimize your equity exposure and how to negotiate additional capital support when you need it.

4. 10 innovative ways to have investors chasing you with money for your project, plus the six questions you need to answer.
There are many unique ways to structure your deal for investors depending on your ultimate goal (cash flow, acquisition, equity retention, exit strategy, investor buyout, off balance sheet guarantees, etc.) Included: the basic elements of a good deal, a chart of investment returns and required rate of returns, how to find investors on the web or in your community, how to avoid scams and shams, samples of staged investment plans, and staged founders stock allocations.

5. Understanding how to value your business.
You will discover with all the major valuation methods, discount factors, investment returns and venture capital valuation techniques used by the professionals. We will also include a valuation spreadsheet that you can integrate with your business plan that will show you how to value Venture Capital deals with pre and post investment values, calculate stock offer percentages, stock dilution models for various investment rounds and how to assign risk factors for the First Chicago Venture Valuation Method.

6. Dealing with banks and how to arrange any type of debt financing.
This section covers how to get a loan when you really need one, and includes banking checklists, evaluation criteria, and how to establish good commercial credit. Plus, as a bonus, this section covers a completed financial summaries and ratio analyses used by banks to determine your "lendability". If your business is already operating, do you know how banks look at your financials? And, do you know how to get them to literally throw money at you? Answers and insights from two of the country's top bankers are covered in depth. For operating businesses we will discuss a communications audit for your existing operations that will instantly tell you what areas of your business need attention.

7. How to reach Private Angel Investors right in your own area.
This section shows you a complete profile of "Angel" investors: where to find them, how they invest, what they want and investment amounts you can normally expect. It also covers how professional investors and venture capital firms evaluate your deal, and why. You also receive a special case study of a "Home Run Company" and how they did it. Plus, how to identify, choose and compensate a finder or broker using the Lehman Formula.

Even if you don't know anyone now who has money to invest, did you know that within a week you will develop a list of 20 or more qualified investors by following three easy steps? Once you have the list, how will you identify and approach investors and in what order? Do you know where to find private investors or partners who will introduce you to the right Venture Capital Funds?

8. Private Placements, Reg D Offerings and other DPO Strategies.
This special section will cover the basics for developing a Private Placement Memorandum and help you understand why a business plan alone is not the proper legal vehicle to raise money. We will proceed with the integration of your business plan into a private placement, how to develop the capital structure and develop various methods of financing using the PPM.

9. How to deal with Venture Capital Companies.
Here we will develop the strategies and methods used to get an audience with a Venture Capital Fund. You will learn what to expect, how to play the game, what not to do or say, how to field the Term Sheet (we include a sample term sheet and discuss it). Most importantly, you will learn how avoid onerous conditions; cram downs, death spirals and other nasty side effects of various term sheets.

Here are the templates and checklists included with this course.

  1. An Executive Summary that gets results and requests for the full business plan and your Reg D Offering.
  2. Integrated Financial Plan in Excel Format, BizPlan.xls
    This is a fully integrated financial plan with no locked cells and no macros. It is sophisticated and can be tailored to your specific needs. Excel integrated financial spreadsheet adapted for venture capitalists (prior consulting fee charged to others $6,800).
  3. Power Point #1, "Presentation to Investors.ppt". This is an outline of what your basic plan should include and gives you guidelines for presenting your plan (this plan raised $4 million).
  4. Power Point #2 "Web Business Plan.ppt". A good outline for your completed business plan. This plan is longer than you would ordinarily use in a funding presentation, and can be used in a second presentation for more in-depth review of your business. For a business plan that raised $6 million and launched two successful web businesses (prior consulting fee charged to others $5,000).
  5. Power Point # 3 & 4 Capabilities and Market Opportunities.ppt. Give you ideas on how to really target your market, unique selling position and the true business opportunity.
  6. A valuation calculation plan, Valuation.xls, is included to allow you to utilize numerous scenarios for valuing your business. This includes the ability to calculate the First Chicago Valuation, Conventional, and Discounted Cash Flow models. Excel valuation spreadsheet that helps you determine how to minimize the equity to give up for the cash you are seeking (prior consulting fee charged to others $3,800).
  7. The capitalization plans, CapPlan1.xls and StockPlan.xls, include methods of calculating the capitalization structure of your business and how to figure stock programs for underpaid executives and financial guarantees. Each plan has its own explanatory notes.
  8. If you would like assistance with the preparation of your Reg D documents following the class, we can arrange for that assistance for an additional fee of $875 (compared to the normal $5-10,000)
  9. A first hand account of "How we bought a $2.2 million business with only $1,000". This blow-by-blow account of what happened along the way and how we raised funds, fought off disaster, and turned a $1 million plus profit on an all cash sale. Nothing is held back and everything we did is here.

Remember, what we are offering you today is a way to have a 100%
increase in your ability to be funded and an advantage over
thousands of other entrepreneurs trying to raise funds!

This is not an exaggeration. Check our web site for information on the principals, projects and background on our approach to venture capital and alternative financing. We have been quoted in Inc. Magazine, Fortune, Smart Money, Forbes, Wall Street Reporter, Home Office Computing, and numerous other national publications. Our materials have been purchased and used by entrepreneurs, universities, law firms, accounting firms and individuals from 102 countries.

This is a no nonsense offer!
This is the first time we have ever offered a direct mentoring class online.

Take this class and you WILL see results---and results you can take to the bank, an investor or a Venture Capital firm!

We are looking for 20 people that want this 8-week program (*you can take as long as you want, but you need the money, so get why not get hot on the trail of funding) . Keep in mind that this e-class is done entirely by e-mail (plus the one hour per week phone consultation). You'll also get our coaching by email. This will be for your convenience as well as ours.

You won't have to sit on conference calls or drive to seminars. You'll receive the lessons by email, do the work as your schedule permits, answer questions by email, and get feedback by email. It's quick and easy.

The e-class begins on your schedule! You will need at least eight hours to review each lesson and do your work, all of it based on your own schedule. If you can't commit to at least that, don't sign-up!

How To Register

If you hired me to give you this service in your office or your home, you'd pay $5,000 a day. Hiring other consulting firms to assist you with all these areas could run to over $50,000.

Since we are not paying any affiliate fees or sales commissions -- We can pass along our savings in marketing costs to you. You can register for the eight-week program for $4,500.

Finally, let me leave you with this one thought: If you keep doing what you are doing, will you be ready to raise money or just be at the same point in eight weeks?

Register for this powerful Venture Capital Coaching e-course and get the financing advantage you know you want---guaranteed.


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I look forward to helping you raise the capital for your project!


William F. (Bill) McCready, CEO

PS - We've worked with hundreds of companies in many stages of development. Most have not taken the time to consider all the issues necessary before approaching funding sources and consequently fail to raise funds. Don't be like them. Register for this 8-week e-class and watch your profits soar.

You can take action right now and get the results you want OR you can stay on your current course. You may be fine. But couldn't you be better, even 100% better? Write me and let's discuss your needs.

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